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Living in Boxes

Alternativtitel: “Boxed Art” oder “Festival im Kasten” “We are all living in boxes”, sagte Neel de Jong, “It’s really hard to get outside of boxes, once you are in there” Malte beim Jury-Gespräch. True.

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10 reasons why I am not looking forward to move out of the Guckkasten soon:

My neighbours at home don’t let me put weird texts in their store windows My neighbours at home can’t lock my door with a bicycle chain My neighbours at home don’t lend scalpels My neighbours at home never moved me … Continue reading

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Neel de Jong (apparently)

We found it in the Kasten. No one knows for sure where it came from. Stefan is stating it’s from his sister. Should we believe that? Decide for yourself.

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What the Guck?! vol.4

Let’s guck this over with…

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“It’s the perfect crime!” – Richard Müller

Junge, sind die schnell…!

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Guckkasten for Kopro, the informative Speech

Richard Müller: Hello Erlangen. This is Richard Mueller, I’m here with Lukas from the Guckkasten, who has some really exciting news. The Guckkasten CLAIMS to have access to leaked information, naming the Guckkasten as a hot candidate for the next … Continue reading

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The campaign is running. Don’t let them take your guck from you!

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The daily fight against the daily Kater continues.

I won’t explain what’s a Kater now… All right, it’s a hangover in German and it’s the same word as a tomcat.

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It’s getting lonely in the Kasten. (lie)

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What the Guck?! vol.3

Here we guck again.

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