Top 10 Reasons Why The Guckkasten Was the Best Part of ARENA 2011

10. The Guckkasten is mostly inhabited by 4 clever and good looking characters who may or may not be brothers, and have their own avatars and costumes. Sort of.

9. The Guckkasten encourages defacement of their walls, unlike most other ARENA venues.

8. The Guckkasten has their own awards and their own website which are arguably more consequential and in any case funnier than those from the official festival.

7. The Guckkasten is the eye of the storm, the oasis of the chaos, the psych-ward, the coffee break room, the meeting point, the safe haven, the living room, the creative studio, the backstage lounge, the heart of the Festival Centrum.

6. The Guckkasten has a Kushelkasten with blankets, designed for communal kusheling.

5. The Guckkasten sometimes has internet, and sometimes lets you use their computer to check your mail.

4. The Guckkasten provides comprehensive, intelligent, and serious documentation and reportage of the entire festival by trained, skilled professionals who are so dedicated to their work that they even sleep there, to be ready 24 hours for the latest breaking ARENA news.

3. The Guckkasten is always open.

2. The Guckkasten always offers you excellent coffee, and sometimes also mediocre beer and wine.

1. The Guckkasten give you a sunset and a Seifenblasenmoment when you need it the most.



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