Faces of Guckkasten

So you were wondering … What is going on here???
Who are these people and what’s their deal with Arena?

You are not going to get an answer here.
But we can make the puzzle even more fascinating by presenting some more self-promotion.

And we are not going to stop.
So here’s us!

Here’s your deal:
We’ll give it our best shot to make this one festival week more fun than the human mind can imagine – AND you’ll be with us! We deny any fundamental barrier between audience and art.

The performance is not limited to your stages and your playsites, and if you participated the years before you will be silent in solemn agreement:
The arena is Arena.
You can be a player. Or you can just watch.
Get your account now. Start writing stuff. Put it in our Kasten.
Or remain silent and be mesmerized by our words and funny pictures.

You can start by downloading our wallpaper and putting it on your desktop:

Look inside yourself,
but think outside the Kasten!



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