Guckkasten for Kopro, the informative Speech

Richard Müller: Hello Erlangen. This is Richard Mueller, I’m here with Lukas from the Guckkasten, who has some really exciting news. The Guckkasten CLAIMS to have access to leaked information, naming the Guckkasten as a hot candidate for the next Arena Coproduction. Lukas: How solid is this information?

Der Lukas: Richard, that’s really really hard to say. Security inside the Arena office is getting incredibly tight, it’s becoming harder every second to get a good Guck. But we are taking this very serious, Kili is even thinking of getting an education.

Richard Müller: Now, the Guckkasten project seems really tied to this year’s motto, “guckt weg”. How would you be able to adapt your highly original performative concept to a completely different motto altogether?

Der Lukas: Yes, yes, I can see how this might prove difficult. However, we talked about this, to some length actually, and we came up with a interesting idea: If the festival would rename itself into “Arena of the gucking Arts”, then the motto could be anything, and we still have a hot co-production on our ways.

Richard Müller: One last question: How can the audience support the Guckkasten?

Der Lukas: That is, I don’t know, a bit…How can I say? The co-production award is given by the Arena team, so there’s little participation asked for. However, the thing is, I thought…If a lot of people could join the next year’s Arena team even before tonight’s party, they could influence that outcome largely. Plus, there would be more helping hands for the cleanup tomorrow. It’s incredibly dirty in our room. So you see, that would be a classical win/win situation.
Don’t let them take your Guck from you.

Richard Müller: We wish you the best. It sure is going to be exciting tonight.

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