Staging awkward Moments

So there was the final night. A break between scenes needed filling. And the Guckkasten with some self-made awards it wanted to present. Unprepared.
So up on stage and let’s do this thing! It’s gonna be funny and cool! Ehm, what did I want to say again? Damn, that was so funny in my head just minutes ago, and now I can’t remember it?!? And everyone’s watching you, so do something, say something! You want to scream: “I can’t stand you watching me! Stop watching me! Look away! Guckt weg!” Damn, why didn’t I think of that on stage?! It would have been so cool and funny and self-reflective! But the pressure of having to deliver or rather wanting to deliver something funny and cool is probably THE predetermined breaking point for coolness when you’re unprepared and improvising and not the coolest god damn motherfucker around.
Well, but at least after us, everything else looked at least quite enjoyable. Or unbelievably entertaining (ARENA Zoom).
So the Guckkasten saved the day again! Tada!

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